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Project Name

Land Rover G4 Challenge

Client Name

D3 Managment Competition Logistics

Project Description

Polar Scaffolding were requested to build a 12m high, free standing  climbing and abseiling tower, part of which was to be cantilevered out over a lake on the Land Rover Experience driving circuit as part of the Land Rover G4 Challenge at the Land Rover plant in Solihull. An initial site inspection was carried out, and after a consultation with our designers, a final design was agreed upon. Taking into account wind loadings and site location, the design had to incorporate an additional 10 ton in kentledge plus the 14.5 ton self weight of the tower.

Client Comments

"We found Polar Scaffolding through the internet and contacted them as they had experience of working to tight deadlines within the events industry. The climbing and abseiling tower was the main talking point of the Land Rover G4 Challenge. "
John Limb. D3 Project Manager


Technical Support